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Frequently asked questions

Q: Why hire a consultant when we already have plenty of capable employees already on staff?
Your staff already has a job to do. A consultant can allow you to focus your attention on your day to day tasks without the distractions of additional workload. Often, operational inefficiencies are more easily spotted by someone from outside the organization. You can be blinded by repetition.

Q: But won't it be cheaper to just do it alone?
Yes and no. Have you ever written a speech, but not employed a proof reader? It is less trouble and expensive to do it alone, but you may have overlooked something that can prove costly when it really counts. You may be surprised by the value of hiring an outside consultant. How much would it cost you to add a packaging professional with over twenty years of experience to your staff permanently? Don't forget to factor in benefits and insurance. Hiring an expert on an "as needed" basis makes great financial sense.

Q: What kind of improvements can we expect in our operation?
It is important to quantify results. In cases where operational efficiencies need to be improved, a thorough audit of existing performance is taken. Performance goals and expectations are discussed after this audit. At the end of the project, a similar study is preformed and the results are analyzed. If I cannot provide your expected results, I will not take the job.

Q: What about product or package quality?
You perceive a problem or you may be looking to improve a successful package or product. Challenges in this area can usually be pinpointed quickly. In addition to my own experience, my established network of packaging professionals is poised to help solve your issue rapidly and have you running with confidence.

Q: We are protective of our process. How do we know you won't share them with your next client?
Discretion is a top priority. Prior to contracting with you, I will provide you with documentation protecting your "trade secrets".

Q: How do we begin?
A simple phone call or e-mail can start the process. An initial phone consultation (free of charge) will take place outlining the scope of your project and the time frame for completion. If I determine that I can be of service to you, contract paperwork will be sent to you for your approval. Time spent at your operations will be determined by the scope of the project. Many issues can be resolved quite economically over the phone or computer. Some cannot, and establishing residence at your operation for a pre-determined period of time would be in order.

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